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The Early Years

It was the winter of 1961. Frank Weiland had just finished hauling cheese barrels from a creamery in Westfield to a location in Green Bay.  Frank knew only one way of doing business… work hard, get that freight to its destination on time, safely and for a fair price. The creamery liked the way Frank did business so well, they asked him to buy a new International Emeryville and haul exclusively for them.

Frank continued his mantra of hard work and in 1963 bought a new Kenworth, added new customers and expanded his base. G. Heileman Brewing Company, as well as other cheese, beer, seasonal produce and Christmas tree growers became loyal customers.

 The 70’s and 80’s

For many years Frank Weiland worked diligently, hauling beer and cheese for some of the biggest names in their industry. Frank knew he had something good going, so he took the plunge and in 1973 began construction of a main terminal for maintenance and the housing of equipment. Whenever you saw a Weiland truck, you knew it was the best looking, most well maintained vehicle on the road. Business was good. In 1986 construction of a new office complex began.

The Second Generation of Weiland Trucking Begins

In 1999, Frank’s son David took over the day to day operations of the company and became the second President of Weiland Trucking. For many years David learned under Frank’s tutelage, driving truck and managing the offices. Frank knew he was leaving the company in excellent hands.

In 2008, under David’s strong leadership, Weiland Refrigerated was founded and a complex built. What started as a 16,000 sq. ft. cold storage facility quickly grew to over 80,000 sq. ft. The business was another way to serve its customer’s needs with a variety of cold room options.

Weiland Trucking had become and is now a force in the trucking industry. A logistics branch to handle the various transportation demands throughout the company was needed and in 2011, Weiland Logistics was founded.

Current Leadership

In 2020, David’s son Brent became the third Weiland to lead the company in its success. As with the other Weiland’s before him, Brent learned the business by walking closely behind his father and grandfather’s footsteps, driving truck diligently and managing Weiland Refrigerated since its inception. Brent has a stable of loyal, hardworking drivers, mechanics and managers who work for the company. David’s daughter Jen handles the company finances. She has been Weiland Trucking Company’s Secretary/Treasurer since Fall, 2018.

Weiland Trucking Company continues to be run by the Weiland family and continues to live by the creed Frank Weiland began his business with… that hard work, bringing freight to its destination on time, safely and for a fair price drives success.