Frank Weiland founded Weiland Trucking Company nearly 60 years ago. Frank began his career hauling cheese barrels with an International Emeryville tractor and trailer. Two years later he bought his first new Kenworth and began a new venture of hauling beer for G. Heileman Brewing Company. Today, three generations of Weilands have turned that one piece of equipment into over 30 late model Kenworth tractors and over 120 late model trailers. The company services some of the same customers today as it did in its inception in 1961. 

Smartway certified and ELD equipped, Weiland Trucking Company is a member of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association. Based in central Wisconsin and operating in the Midwest, the company’s reputation and that of its drivers is of the highest standards and unmatched in the industry.

Weiland Trucking is a fully integrated transportation company that continues to live on the premise that freight brought to its destination on-time, safely and for a fair price is what its customers deserve and expect.

For more information contact: (920) 787-4602 x2 or email